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About the Course

The word Gunfighter has 2 words in it Gun and Fighter. If you are a trained shooter you must also know how to protect and get to your pistol, and if you are a fighter you must also know how to shoot and fight with a pistol on you. This course will help everyone and make them more competent at both.


What are we offering?

A short program of instruction (single day) with high impact-defensive (concealed carry) techniques and rapidly useable skill(s) that are practical and easily assimilated. 

Why should I attend?

The modern day concealed carry citizen, or GunFighter, faces any number of potential threat(s)…preparedness across the full spectrum of possible self defense encounters is the key to survival. 

The term “GunFighter” implies an ability to both safely employ your weapon AND an ability to physically ‘fight’ when necessary to survive an encounter. Neglecting either of these critical skill sets can provide a false sense of security, ultimately resulting in a catastrophic self defense encounter. To be a successful GunFighter the armed citizen MUST know how to operate his weapon, access his weapon, control space-distance-timing, and be capable of physically manipulating a threat. 

This class will provide you with adaptable and ‘bolt on’ skills to address these areas of concern and reinforce your existing skill set – the class is designed to be customizable to your current skill level be it beginner or advanced!

Specific critical defense skills to be covered include:

  • Controlling larger/stronger opponents in close quarters space in order to guarantee access to your weapon

  • Controlling the ‘inside of the fight’ when physically encroached and/or surprised in order to guarantee access to your weapon

  • How to use the environment to assist, support, and enable your efforts to recover from grounded positions, or positions of disadvantage 

  • Less lethal options to control aggressive threat(s) to avoid the use of deadly force

*LIVE FIRE* range session with:

    - rapid defensive fire (hip fire) drills

    - addressing multiple threats with maneuver(s) and displacement

    - shooting from cover; nonstandard positions & options

    - shooting from grounded positions/prone positions 

3 strategic elements to a self defense encounter will be academically discussed and practically analyzed including:

  • Mental considerations – mental preparedness, awareness, focus, etc.

  • Physical considerations – analysis of specific strengths and weaknesses related to threat profiles

  • Legal concerns and administrative considerations for self-defense encounters

When & Where is the training?

  • When: October 23, 2022, 9am to 4pm (single day)

  • Where: The LAB Martial Arts, 218 Industrial dr., suite 112, Fredericksburg, VA 22408 

  • Price: $200.00 

  • What to wear and bring:

  • The first half of the class participants should wear what you would normally walk around in (street attire) and your concealed carry holster.

  • The second half of the class will be on the range – participants should have their concealed carry holster, pistol, magazines, eye/ear protection and 200 rounds of ammo (not included) 



About your Primary Instructor - Mr. Chad LeBrun

* Has been the Primary Combatives Instructor for the FBI (HRT) for the last 21 years, provides INDOC Defensive tactics training to all FBI SWAT operators

* Has worked for the State Department, DOD, DEA Training their “Top Tier” tactical teams in Combatives 

* Founder of Operation Blue Belt, a new Law Enforcement Program of Instruction specifically designed to quickly and effectively provide all sworn LE officers with task specific “Blue Belt Level” Jiu-Jitsu; this program is now taught in various locations across the country and abroad

* Has Trained Military Special Operations and Law Enforcement Tactical Teams in Ukraine and Sweden in Combatives supporting our allies 

* Certified NRA Instructor 

* Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu 

* Undefeated Retired Professional MMA Fighter


* Founder of 3 Range Combatives and The LAB Martial Arts; a customized assaulter oriented special operations training regimen fully integrated into existing tactical architecture for high risk Teams and Units

Contact Me

218 Industrial Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22408  |  Tel: 540-850-8561

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