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Where To Buy Trek Bikes

NICA events are family events, and you should count your local Trek retailer as a grateful member of your NICA family. Your Trek retailer is where you'll find local bike experts who can answer technical questions, give you guidance about trails, and talk endlessly about the best new Trek and Bontrager gear for NICA. Plus, your local Trek retailer can be a free meeting space for clinics, practice planning, and more. If you're a NICA Coach or Student-Athlete, you can also take advantage of a generous discount on Trek bikes and Bontrager gear.

where to buy trek bikes


Specialized has implemented a NICA Team Purchase Program for Student-Athletes and NICA Coaches. NICA Teams should connect with their local Specialized Retailer. Once a Team/Shop relationship is established, the retailer will work with the team to set up a shop night where the Student-Athletes and Coaches can take advantage of their NICA Team Discount.

NICA staff, coaches and Student-Athletes all receive 15% off of Exceed, Neuron, Spectral, Strive, Lux, Inflite, Sender, Torque, Grail, Grizl and all e-bike models, with a maximum of two bikes per member per year. All other Sponsor models (excluding SpeedmaxCF SLX models) are eligible for a 5% discount. Cannot be combined with any additional discounts.

There are twenty-four early Trek brochures that can be accessed from this page. They span the period 1976 through 1995. The first seven are undated, but we collectively believe they are 1976 (or 77?), 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1981.5 and 1982. The others are marked or copyrighted 1983 through 95. A "Jazz by Trek" brochure for 1993 is included. Additionally, there are 1985 and 87 brochures that describe the early bonded aluminum bikes.

The newer brochures on this page (86 and onward), are extracts, and include detailed information only on steel road bikes. This is in keeping with the theme of this site and also helps limit required server space and scanning time. However, the specifications pages in the newer extracts do contain specifications on non-steel road bikes, multi-track bikes, and mountain bikes. Additionally, the table of Trek models by year includes virtually all Trek bikes from 1976 through 2005.

An interesting document is given in the 1989 section below. It has no cover nor title page, but we have titled it tentatively "Dealer Information for Trek Bicycles 1989". It provides instructions and information to dealers and sales persons concerning the 1989 bikes and how to sell them. In its 30 pages are included frame geometries and gear ratios for all of the 89 bikes. 041b061a72


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