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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Costanza Medical Physiology Video Lectures Torrent ((BETTER))

"As a Nurse Educator, I find Ninja Nerd to be one of the most useful medical resources available. As a DNP student, I find the lectures more engaging than any textbook and I can retain more information. I recommend Ninja Nerd above all other medical learning sites thanks to their consistency, clear concepts and reliable content."

costanza medical physiology video lectures torrent

"Ninja Nerd has been an absolute life saver for my entire medical journey. I will be using Ninja Nerd to stay up to date on current evidence when I become a practicing clinician. I have been binge watching your lectures including Biochemistry and Neuroanatomy! This platform has been such a blessing."

"Ninja Nerd has provided a level of clarity that I have heavily relied upon. The lectures, notes, and illustrations allow students to immerse themselves in the medical content we must know to pass our boards. Thanks to Ninja Nerd, I have improved myself in becoming a more educated and compassionate medical professional."

You will realize that the First Aid STEP 1 is best with topics that need memorization, comparing and contrasting, and plenty of mnemonics such as Microbiology. On the other hand, subjects like physiology and biochemistry, that need a deep understanding and knowledge of the mechanisms, need to be read from other resources before going to First Aid STEP 1 (unless you have a solid understanding of these topics from your medical school). So one strategy is to use resources other than First Aid STEP 1 to have a general idea about the topic, and then memorize the take-home points from First Aid STEP 1. 350c69d7ab


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