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Portable.Smart.Cutter.for.DV.and.DVB.1.4.8.with.Serial Updated

yesterday I have updated my system with pacman -Syu and when I tried to reboot I could not open any terminal (mrxvt or xterm). I got the error message: Reason: get_pty: not enough ptysAlso Chrome did not start anymore - it complained about a missing /dev/shm.When I had a look in the /dev dir I realized that the mountpoints /dev/pts and /dev/shm were missing even when they are supposed to be mounted according to /etc/fstab:

Portable.Smart.Cutter.for.DV.and.DVB.1.4.8.with.Serial updated

Hmm, I just have updated the whole system like you mentioned above but it did not really help. I also reinstalled udev and xterm but the terminals seem to need the /dev/pts directory in order to create pseudo terminals.I realized that in the /etc/rc.sysinit script (line 35) some files are copied from /lib/udev/devices/* to /dev/:

Hmm, the problem is that it seems as if I dont get this new versions. I have updated my system with a new mirror as you have told me, but it seems as if that did not really get rid of my old init scripts. And I have to admit that I have no clue how to renew my system so that it is up-to-date Is there a way to update old systems like I seem to have ? Or do I have to make a fresh install ? 350c69d7ab


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