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Puxing PX-777 Programming Software 13: How to Download, Install, and Use - Radio Zone

I had no problem hooking up my new Baofeng 888 to windows 7, unfortunately I needed frequencies out of its range so turned to other my radio which is a Hengshuntong H500, probably similar to many others, but with a frequency range of 400 to 520MHz. (I need the 476 to 477 for use in Australia) Using the same software as before gets nowhere, same error message as others, please check cable etc, but there is a little flicker of TX light during operation leading me to believe there is some connectivity. Tried the big push of plug etc to no avail. Do I need specific software for this radio and if so where could I find it

Puxing Px 777 Programming Software 13

Hi All, I run an Airsoft Club and these are great but again i have found not able to program the 12 i have, this causes a problem as i am after 50 of these for use in the Teams but need to program them in banks of 10 so that other teams can not hear and so on I have tried the various download sites the seller gave but all my security software stated Trojen Virus, after taken off the program installed and also the cable drivers but still comes up with port/comms problemsThis is getting to be a MAJOR PAIN as have tried 5 differnt computers with different opperating systems and all state the same Can anyone help please otherwise i may as well just get rid of them all or glue the selector channel button onto a channeloptions pleaseIf i have to i will send away to program if anyone can the Club would pay..

Hello Hans, I purchased a used Motorrola 1550ls with programmed frequencies. I purchased set of 4 boufeng bf888s radio. I noticed the out of the box freq. of the bf888 has a same frequency programmed into the motorolla. The issue I have is motorolla can only received and not transmit.While the bf888 wont received but can only transmit. Im still waiting for my software program, can you assist me on how to set up the program on the bf888 so they will communicate on all frequency the motorolla have. I dont really not how the ctcss works. You think this is the reason why they wont communicate to each other. Im sending the radio overseas for use in the farm. Thank you!


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