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Cantec De Panait Cerna Comentariu Literar

Cantec De Panait Cerna Comentariu Literar: A Literary Analysis of a Romanian Poem

Cantec De Panait Cerna is a poem by the Romanian poet and writer Panait Cerna (1881-1913), who is considered one of the representatives of the Symbolist movement in Romanian literature. The poem was published in 1907 in the magazine Convorbiri Literare (Literary Conversations) and is part of the collection Poezii (Poems), which appeared posthumously in 1914.

Cantec De Panait Cerna Comentariu Literar

The poem is composed of four stanzas, each with eight verses, and follows a rhyme scheme of ABABABCC. The title can be translated as "Song of March" and refers to the month of spring, which symbolizes renewal, rebirth and hope. The poem expresses the poet's admiration and love for nature, which he sees as a source of beauty, harmony and inspiration.

In the first stanza, the poet addresses nature as a "sweet mother" and a "divine sister", showing his intimate and respectful relationship with it. He praises nature's generosity and kindness, which offers him "flowers and songs" and "dreams and joys". He also compares nature to a "fairy" and a "queen", suggesting its magical and majestic qualities.

In the second stanza, the poet describes the landscape of spring, which is full of colors, sounds and scents. He uses sensory images to evoke the freshness and vitality of nature, such as "the blue sky", "the green fields", "the fragrant breeze" and "the singing birds". He also uses personification to give life and emotion to nature, such as "the sun smiles", "the trees whisper" and "the brook laughs".

In the third stanza, the poet reveals his personal feelings and thoughts, which are influenced by nature. He confesses that he feels happy and peaceful in nature's presence, which fills his soul with "love and faith". He also admits that he is inspired by nature's beauty, which makes him want to sing and write poetry. He uses metaphors to compare his poetic creations to "golden stars" and "fragrant roses", implying their value and attractiveness.

In the fourth stanza, the poet concludes his poem by expressing his gratitude and admiration for nature, which he considers his "teacher" and his "muse". He thanks nature for giving him "wisdom and art", which are essential for his intellectual and artistic development. He also praises nature for being "eternal" and "divine", contrasting it with human life, which is "fleeting" and "mortal". He ends his poem with a rhetorical question, asking who can resist nature's charm and power.


Cantec De Panait Cerna Comentariu Literar is a poem that celebrates nature and its influence on the poet's emotions and creativity. The poem reflects the Symbolist aesthetics and worldview of Panait Cerna, who was one of the most original and innovative Romanian poets of his time. The poem is a lyrical expression of the poet's admiration and gratitude for nature, which he sees as a mother, a sister, a fairy, a queen, a teacher and a muse. The poem also shows the poet's awareness of the contrast between nature's eternity and divinity and human's transience and mortality. The poem is a masterpiece of Romanian poetry and a testament to Panait Cerna's talent and vision. d282676c82


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