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There are many options when it comes to gabions for use in residential applications. By providing a variety of different cage sizes and finish options we can provide the building block you need to create a unique and beautiful retaining wall, screen wall, planter, bench, fence, fire pit, or fountain. Gabions provide an excellent design option by allowing you to utilize a variety of natural and synthetic fill options from limestone or granite to recycled brick. concrete, or colored glass rock. Our sales team is happy to work with you to make sure we get you the right product for your project.

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Many homeowners find that gabions make a great do it yourself project, but it can be pretty labor intensive. We are happy to help put you together with a contractor in your area that we have worked with in the past or if you have a landscaper or contractor that you would like to use, we are happy to go through the installation process with them, so they are comfortable providing a quote for the work and completing the project.

We supply contactors across the United States with gabions for civil construction, architectural and landscape applications, as well as erosion control projects. We have standard gabions available built-in accordance with ASTM-A974 and ASTM-A975 which are the industry standards for Welded Wire and Twisted Wire Mesh gabions. Our gabions are also Made in America so you can rest assured in the quality we supply. Whether this is your first tome working with gabions or you are an old pro we are happy to assist at whatever level you need.

We work with many distributors across the US. While we have a few distributors that stock some standard size options many utilize our ability to make gabions to order and sell on a project-by-project basis getting their customers exactly what they need. Of course the biggest discounts are realized with bundled and larger orders, just let us know how we can help.

Our standard DuraFlex gabions are made in accordance with the industry standard ASTM-A975 and our standard DuraWeld gabions are made in accordance with ASTM-A974 and are Made in the USA. While we have industry standard options, we also have the ability to offer gabions made from custom materials including stainless steel and galfan for specialty applications.

Our gabions and green wall systems provide excellent options when looking to add biophilic design elements to your project. Whether you are looking to utilize gabions in a veneer, landscape wall, or fence we have the system for your project. We work with a variety of architects to develop custom gabions for unique applications. We are happy to help you develop a specification that ensures the parties bidding your projects have the information they need to provide an accurate and competitive bid. Whether you are using our standard gabion mesh options or need a custom mesh developed for your project specific requirements based on installation or specialty fill material we can get you exactly what you need.

We supply a variety of government entities including Army Corps of Engineers, US Forestry Service, State DOT's as well as local city and county municipalities. Our gabions are made in accordance with ASTM standards and are Made in America. We are happy to help you with standard construction and maintenance as well as emergency gabion needs.

Gabions are very useful in civil engineering, military applications, road building, general landscaping elements, foundations, erosion control, and architectural elements. Some of the fastest growing applications of gabions include architectural fence and veneer construction and for stabilizing shorelines against erosion since they form flexible and permeable structures.

Check out our new instant quote tool to get an immediate quote including shipping and volume discounts when utilizing our standard gabion mesh options. This includes our standard sized DuraFlex and DuraGuard gabions as well as DuraWeld gabions in custom basket sizes.

We offer quality American made gabions, geo materials and construction equipment to a wide range of customers including: State DOT Agencies, Cities, US Forest Service, Contractors, Builders, Landscape Designers & Architects, Excavators, Farmers, Do-It-Yourselfers and more.

The water can then change course and potentially interact with sewer lines and other areas used by people. This can cause problems as the erosion can get out of control, and people use gabions to keep the river in one place.

Gabions are also helpful for holding back floodwaters during emergencies. When placed along the banks of a river, they can help provide structural support. Plus, since the gabions are made of earth and rock, most builders can cover them with moss or other vegetation to hide them from view.

Armies worldwide have also taken note of gabion baskets, especially regarding their ease of use and portability. They were (and still are) imposing fortifications that are cheap to build and easy to maintain and move around. Most military gabions were made of wicker and packed with earth to make an early version of a sandbag.

They were placed around artillery pieces to protect gunners from artillery fire and snipers, working quite well. If the battle ended early or the guns needed to be moved around, the gabions could be picked up and moved with the army. Gabions would also see permanent use at fortifications with cannons.

Today, armies still use modern versions of gabions as mobile defenses. These gabions often work to protect soldiers from explosions and artillery fire and are placed to protect large groups of soldiers who would otherwise be vulnerable to attack.

Many people are turning to gabions to make beautiful walls for gardens or ponds. Shorter gabion walls can have wooden slats placed on them to make natural benches, or they are used to make stone plant holders. The stone gabions are covered with a few topsoil layers, which you can use to grow plants. Whatever you use them for, gabions are certainly an inexpensive way to bring a little natural beauty to your backyard or garden.

Additionally, gabions are often used along the United States coastline to absorb waves and prevent heavy erosion. They are often the first line of defense if the coast gets hit by a hurricane, and even in calmer weather, they do their job well.

Finally, gabion sacks are perhaps the easiest to picture. They look exactly like hot dogs made of mesh. Once they are stuffed with rocks and earth, they are placed vertically next to one another, eventually making a wall. These gabions can be made up quickly and are ideal for emergency conditions where speed is of the essence.

However, these baskets do have some weaknesses. While easy to install, gabion baskets can be expensive, especially for a larger project. If you plan on building a larger structure out of gabions, it can cost a bit of money.

You can easily arrange some gabions into a circle and create a firepit with them rather than using regular stone blocks. You can also make a low wall, build a bench on top of it, or even rig a waterfall to cascade through the stones.

You can also use gabions as planters. Once you create the structure, you can fill the middle with a flower pot and plant your choice! The natural baskets will make your flowers and ferns pop, and if you put a little effort into your gabion baskets, they will look very cool!

PVC coated gabions are a more expensive version of traditional gabion baskets. The steel wires are coated with primer and then with a fuse bonded coating of PVC. This is typically used on the coastline when gabions are used against hurricanes and bad weather, as repeated exposure to saltwater can weaken and erode the mesh.

Ensure that the layers are as stable as before moving onto the next layer and routinely step back to examine the gabions from further away. This will allow you to catch any bulging where the rocks tend to compress under their weight.

Currently, gabions are widely used in urban, landscape architecture and design, both for their intended purpose and as elements of fences, the design of stone facades of buildings and structures. They are also used in the design of interiors and homesteads.

Very often gabions are used to strengthen the support of bridges, pipelines, reservoirs. Also, gabion constructions are used to protect against avalanches, rock falls, landslides in mountainous areas. Gabions perform a protective function while having an aesthetic appearance and organically fitting into any project.

Triton gabions offer a durable, non-corrosive and installation friendly alternative to conventional steel wire gabions - including those galvanized and PVC-coated. Triton gabion mats are available in prefabricated units or in unfabricated roll form. The mat dimensions (up to 13ft width and 164ft length) can be customized to limit waste and to increase installation productivity, while the grid aperture can be reduced to accommodate smaller stone infill and to reduce mat thickness. Lighter in weight than metallic mats, Triton gabion mats are easier and less costly to transport, handle, and install.

Triton gabions and gabion mats are frequently specified for use where there is high potential for corrosion, such as salt water, de-icing salt run-off, and acidic environments (mining). Tensar geogrids are 100% UV resistant and will not rust, leach, or degrade in direct sunlight. When you build with our products, you can count on a higher-performing and longer-lasting solution for future generations to enjoy.

Gabions are simple wire baskets that are usually filled with quarry stone. At first glance, these two main components seem rather sober and do not sound at all like a blooming garden with fragrant flowers or delicious fruit. But far from it, gabions have become more and more indispensable objects in outdoor areas in recent years. In a variety of uses, the wire meshes set real highlights. In our online shop at you can discover the entire range of gabions. You will be amazed at what is possible with these simple materials. We offer you the wire baskets and a different selection of stones as well as necessary accessories. Let us inspire you! 041b061a72


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