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Italian Movie Download [EXCLUSIVE] Fear

This chapter reports the results of perceptual experiments that involved Lithuanian subjects assessing emotional expressions extracted from Italian (a country-specific language) and American English (as a global spread language) live recording movie scenes. The stimuli concern some of the basic emotions of happiness, fear, anger, surprise, sadness, as well as a language specific emotion such as sarcasm/irony, and are portrayed through the mute video, the audio alone, and the audiovisual mode. The main goal was to investigate whether the visual channel is more effective than the auditory one to infer emotional information and whether this effectiveness is affected by the cultural context and in particular by the language. Results show that visual signals allow a more effective identification of emotions then vocal ones no matter the American and Italian nature of the emotional expressions. Also, bimodality (audio/video combined mode) does not improve the Lithuanian subjects ability in inferring emotional information and a language affects is displayed since the American emotional vocal expressions are more accurately recognized than the Italian ones.

Italian Movie Download Fear

Unless your flight has televisions, I suggest having the Netflix application on your phone and downloading a few movies or television episodes shows before the flight. This way, you can watch your favorites while in airplane mode.


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