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Lora Jensen Potty Training Free Pdf [Extra Quality]

Remember how I said I was done being superwoman? Scratch that. Since I am pregnant AND selling our house AND potty training, I was planning to ask my mom for help with making some meals this week. She, um, started packing and made up this crazy story about having planned a trip to my sisters long in advance. Like I am going to buy that! (Love you, Gigi)

lora jensen potty training free pdf

Ok, I know I am really (really) late on posting this, but I just found your blog via pinterest and I am about to go thru potty training with my daughter. How old was your daughter when you started training? Where there signs that led you to believe that she was ready? Thanks so much!

One thing that most experts can agree on is that potty training should be a positive experience, free from scolding and punishment. There will be accidents, and while you can redirect your child, carry them to the potty and remind them that pee/poop goes in the potty, yelling or shaming them about making a mess will only create problems.

Keep in mind that they all have pretty much the same concept. Which is that you get rid of diapers, devote yourself to at least 3 days of stay at home potty training, and not use pull-ups to sabotage the process. Here is my review of 3 different potty training programs.

I never thought we'd be the type of parents who needed to employee ninja-like tactics and Jedi mind tricks in order to get our toddler to pee on the toilet. Yet, here we are. My ever-increasingly stubborn daughter recently got to the point of screaming, "NO TOUCHING! NO DIAPER!" and running laps around the house almost every time we had to change her. After playing one too many games of "catch the stinky toddler" with my partner (a game in which the winner actually loses), I decided to give in to her wishes to try diaper free potty training, wherein you ditch the diaper altogether and bare her bottom, and uh, hope for the best.

It's as frighteningly simple as it sounds: You take off your baby's diaper and let them run around butt naked, coaxing them to relieve themselves in the potty with a mop and disinfectant in hand. Some books even claim the diaper-free method works after only seven days, on average. Besides, it's hard to say no to a method that on-screen and real-life genius Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy on The Big Bang Theory and has a PhD in neuroscience, successfully used on her baby. I was desperate and willing to try anything, but the diaper-free method seemed like a shoo-in to potty-training victory.

Still no hits, and feeling like this no-diaper training fad is just another eBook money grabbing scheme, I had to focus on the positive, like the fact that I'm saving money on diapers (but allocating some of those funds to urine cleaner and laundry). Besides, successful potty training expert Lora Jensen says it takes at least three days, if not more, to get the little boogers to pee in the can. So third time's a charm, right? If I could get her to go in the potty at least once, I would call this day a success.

I was feeling confident my method of treating potty training super casually would help us get more hits. Not only was this approach less stressful on my daughter, it actually helped me to stay calm. Cleaning up urine (and occasionally feces) had become part of our daily routine, so I decided to (literally) go with the flow.

The most challenging part about potty training in general is being consistent and sticking to a method, so I am proud to say were able to stick to the messiest method for a whopping seven days (which seemed like an eternity of wading in urine). Between hastily disinfecting floors and comforting her through her million (and counting) accidents, the diaper-free method forced me to exercise patience I didn't know I still had.

Lastly, consider having the other parent try if all else fails. Sometimes, it works as a fresh approach. Have daddy and child go take their poops together and see how it goes. (Oh, the things we do to potty training!)

Many parents report successful potty training by letting child be naked for a weekend and the whole family has a stay-cation at home. Kids are usually less apt to have accidents if they can actually see the pee or poo coming out of their body. By letting them be au natural, they are more in tune with their bodies, rhythms and body cues. If weather permits, you can go outside and let them play in the backyard naked. This will free you from constantly cleaning up accidents during potty training.

Get The Tiny Potty Training Book by Andrea Olson like Genevieve mentioned above. It is really helpful for any problems you run into. Also, it comes with access to an online community of other parents potty-training their kiddos. The community offers lots of support, especially since there are certified potty-training coaches who will answer your questions, too. Everyone on the group is very kind and encouraging. I used this book to potty-train my daughter at 16 months, and the advice I got from other people was what kept us going. Our daughter is diaper-free, and this book was the best choice I made to help her get there!

I am potty training my second who is now 3. Thank goodness he is my second cause he has never done anything easily. My first potty trained in less then 24 hours. Wondering how long they should sit on the toilet every 15 minutes or so that you take them. Maybe enough time to read a simple board book? 076b4e4f54


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