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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Deliver Us The Moon Free Download (v1.4.4)

Often when working with a browser you may need to use additional data: browser extensions, test files to be uploaded, browser settings files (also known as browser profile) and so on. In standard Selenium every such additional file is uploaded with different code snippet. The most important thing is that anyway all such data is being uploaded as HTTP request body. Every time you send file like this your Selenium implementation needs to read all the bytes into memory and this dramatically increases memory consumption. A lot more efficient way of delivering the same functionality is packing all required files to a single archive (e.g. on your CI server). An URL to this archive is then sent as a Selenium capability, thus allowing every browser session to download it before actually launching the browser. We call an archive like this a browser context and respective capability is named just context:

Deliver Us The Moon Free Download (v1.4.4)

All deliveries under this Agreement will be electronic. Customer and its Users must have an Internet connection in order to receive any deliveries. For the avoidance of doubt, Customer is responsible for downloading and installing the Products. Download instructions are made available on Licensor website at 041b061a72


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