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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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What Does Eboni Mean Cocinas Downgrade Al

depender to depend, be dependentNo le gusta depender de nadie.He doesn't like to be dependent on anyone. depende it dependsDepende de lo que quiera Ud. hacer.It depends on what you want to do.

What Does Eboni Mean cocinas downgrade al

desengañar to set right, undeceive. desengañarse to be disillusioned, not to fool oneselfDesengáñate, no te quiere.Don't fool yourself, he doesn't love you. estar desengañado to be disappointed or disillusionedEstán muy desengañados después de lo ocurrido.They were disillusioned after what happened.

entender [rad-ch I] to understandYa entiendo lo que Ud. quiere decir.Now I understand what you mean. a (or según) mi entender in my opinion A mi entender es mejor cambiar de procedimiento.In my opinion it's better to change the policy. entender de to be familiar with, be good at Entiende Ud. de mecánica?Are you good at mechanics? entenderse con to deal withTendrán que entenderse con el jefe.They'll have to deal with the boss. entender(se) en to be in charge of Quién se entiende en este asunto?Who's in charge of this matter?

intención [f] intention, purposeNo sé con que intención me lo dijo.I don't know what his purpose was in telling me that. tener buenas intenciones to be well meaning. tener la intención de to intend to, mean toTenía la intención de decírselo pero se me olvidó.I meant to tell him that, but I forgot. tener malas intenciones to be malicious.


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