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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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PUBG MOBILE: Почувствуй адреналин и динамику в мобильной игре, которая не даст тебе скучать

On Extreme Performance, the Ryzen 8 4800U stabilizes at 3.1+ GHz and 26+W of power, but also very high temperatures in the 90+ Celsius. However, the log shows that the processor runs at 30+ W for the first couple of runs, peaking at 106.9 degrees C, but eventually drops down and stabilizes at the lower power and 90+ C. Still, this is one of the hottest-running laptops in this test. At the same time, the fans spin at about 40 dB, and the laptop stabilizes at roughly 1500 points, which is unmatched by any other mobile platform at this point. pubg mobile

These are excellent, excellent results for a U-type mobile platform, especially on the CPU side, where the 4800U is the most capable platform currently available and almost a match for the 8Core full-power platforms from Intel and AMD. Of course, the GPU scores are dragged down by the integrated Vega 8 iGPU, which while capable for its class, is barely a match for even the entry-level dGPUs out there.


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